SLIVER will officially be 15 years old in September. Some celebrate with cake, but I can't bake for shit, so...

Since 2006 (because before that, we didn’t do much…):
12 countries, 250 shows, 3 EPs, 2 LPs, 3,000 CDs sold (or given, I know I give a lot of CDs for free…), 1,000,000 cigarettes, 1,000,000 red bulls...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Orel Sliver, Nico Sliver, Danny Sliver, Pipo, Yno, Q and myself.

Huge kisses to people who helped us play again (and again, and again) in some great venues throughout those 15 years just because they thought our music was not total shit... Frédéric LamandLoïc De Messancy,Mathieu SchlingelNicolas QuirinAlbert AllesFaust FederelGiordano Bruno, and to anyone who ever organised a show, came to a show, came with us on the road (Alexandre Peral), gave us a bed to sleep in, bought or stole a CD (f***ing Danish thief!), wrote a review in a zine, came to talk to us at the end of a show...
to resist is to create / to create is to resist

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