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we've played with hundreds of bands along the years, 
here are a few of them that you should definitely check out!

Antillectual Naomi Klein-inspired punk rock band from the Netherlands
Burning Heads punk legends from France (their reggae songs are better than NOFX's)
Celeste red lights in the dark 
Charly Fiasco Bob Black punk disciples / social suicide abolitionists
Cowboy Poetry the German Chuck Ragan
Daggers Nietzschean darkcore from Belgium
Death before Disco (RIP) our former drummer's Belgian favorites
Die Out! (RIP) punk hardcore from Habay rock city
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? (RIP) renaissance hardcore
Feverish French rock n' roll (Orel's favourites)
Forest Pooky toured Canada with only 2 CDs in his car! great folk punk from France!
Guerilla Poubelle French nihilists
Hateful Monday Swiss lions fighting the jackals of the world
Hawks banjolele power, Johnny Cash's spirit and a Fender Musicmaster
Hell-o-Tiki surf n' roll (there's something about their keyboard player...) 
Hell Is For Heroes heroes 
Kill For Peace hardcore barons from the North (and an official soccer club!) 
Knifefight! folk punk from the beginning of the century (circa 1910), Joe Hill style!
Ky-Lin (RIP) former neighbours (now in Open Seas) 
Listener talk music with big beards and big hearts
Jonah Matranga best singer in the world and most humble man ever
Nine Eleven Tiqqun-inspired HXC globetrotters 
No More No Less Luc's band! (who got no website...???)
The Nunchaks martial arts and rock n' roll experts
OPEN SEAS Q's 'pop' band :-)
PO BOX our neighbours (and the best ska punk band in Europe)
Poison Heart (RIP?) Manu's band (break it down!)
Red Fang stoner rock with a clear respect for beer
Signs of Misfortune our friend Alain's band (Switzerland power, Mario bros style)
Sixtoys (RIP) Belgian post-punks fighting Goliath
The Black Drummer is a Slave post-rock geniuses from Latvia 
The Traders moustache punkrock at its worst best
Uncommonmenfrommars French punk-rock for zombies and martians
The Unwinding Hours the saviours of the underground
Tim Vantol four-wheels, a six-string and the road sweet road ahead
Versus You Luxembourg punk pop at its best
The White Noise Supremacists eliciting fear and resentment from douchebags since '82
You Are In My September hurricane no-school hardcore from Belarus

Ben's favorite authors (and inspiration for SLIVER's lyrics)

JG Ballard visionary writer 
Alison Bechdel dyke to watch out for
Dennis Cooper American poet
Craig Clevenger neo-noir master
Douglas Coupland pop culture chef (and all-things-Canadian master)
Alain Damasio political fiction genius
Bret Easton Ellis anti-literature master
the invisible committee the coming insurrection
Robert Kirkman zombies' survivalist number one
Naomi Klein economical activist
Bernard Marie Koltès everyday life theatre
John Marsden memento mori 
Cormac McCarthy apocalyptic Kerouac
Alan Moore graphic novelist, turning comic books into philosophy
William Morris the socialist/communist who understood everything?
Murakami Ryu Japanese loneliness and modern culture analyst 
Nietzsche Zarathoustra
Michel Onfray French philosopher, creator of a free university
Ruwen Ogien theorist of 'minimal ethics'
Katsuhiro Otomo end of the world graphic novelist
Chuck Palahniuk the Chukster, the one and only
JD Salinger catcher in the rye
Hubert Selby Jr became a writer because he knew the alphabet
Gil Scott-Heron anti-war poet, musician, activist 
Hunter S Thompson too weird to live, too rare to die, the gonzo king
Tiqqun the imaginary party
Irvine Welsh Scottish 20th century Shakespeare

ideas on walls, photographs or films

Koczman Bálint the creator of our favourite font
BANKSY taking back the walls every stencil at a time
Charles Burns teenage angst specialist and black holist
Larry Clark documentary photographer and splendid film-maker
Gord Hill Indian warrior spirit keeper
Harmony Korine writer, photographer and film-maker
Arnaud Michniak singer of Diabologum, Programme and film-maker
Eduardo Recife the artist we stole our mosquito-logo from 
Shepard Fairey disobeying giant?
Peter Watkins mass media analyst/film-maker
Pierre Weird Ben has an official Weird museum in his room at home

generation A

Adbusters culture jammers
Antiwar Songs they listed our songs alongside those of Neil Young, Pearl Jam... :-) apostasy now!
Attac alter-globalists closing down the casino economy
BANKSY mind the crap
FAIR challenging media bias and censorship since 1986
Free Hugs Campaign hug the world
Free the Slaves for there are still 27 million slaves in the world today
Granny Peace Brigade grandmas standing for everything young people should stand for
Indymedia we, the media 
The Innocence Project when justice is blind... 
Invisible Children KONY 2012
Kick It Over let's kick neo-classical economics, occupy Econ 101 
Rescue refugee support
The Robin Hood Tax modern day Robin Hoodies
Stop War Stop the War Cohalition