It's not really a tour since it's only 6 shows over the course of 2 months but still, I've never had so many acoustic/solo shows in a row, and we have no gigs fullband in between, so let's call it the Poetry Written in Gasoline tour

On July 8, I'll be playing with Cowboy Poetry (Germany) in Metz, France: 

On August 14, I'll be playing at Café Na půl cesty in Prague, Czech Republic, thanks to our friend Radek! 

On August 15, I'll be opening for Listener (USA) in Offenbach, Germany. I already opened for Listener twice last year in Belgium and they are just awesome live: talk music with big beards and even bigger hearts!

On August 16, I'll be opening for Listener in Offenbach, Germany.

On August 17, I'll be opening for Listener in Arlon, Belgium. This will be Sliver's first show at Le Palais (just before the re-opening of L'Entrepôt!!!). 

And finally, on September 13, I'll be opening for The Unwinding Hours (Scotland), the new band of Craig B and Iain Cook, former members of Aereogramme: the saviours of the underground reborn! 

6 shows, playing with 2 of my favorite bands, in 4 different countries, the summer looks awesome already! 

see you there! 
Ben Sliver


  1. Any hints on where to buy tickets to your show with TUH at the Astrophone in Metz in September? I tried to find some on digitick, fnac and ticketnet but didn't find any. Considering that the Astrophone is a reconverted barge, I'd imagine that ticket supply is going to be somewhat short?

    1. hey Markus,
      there's no ticket service per se, but reservations are possible, if you want me to, I can reserve a ticket (or several) for you, I'm the organiser of the show actually.
      in the event where the boat is full, you got your name at the entrance and you can still go in!

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