Three shows coming up in April: one in France, one in Belgium and one in Czech Republic!

On April 12, we'll be playing at L'Astrophone in Metz with the best European punk rock band: ANTILLECTUAL. Also there, the martial arts and rock 'n roll experts The Nunchaks. And a HxC band with a strange name: BG du 57.

On April 14, we are participating to the most expected festival in the area, the very first edition of the FUZZFEST. Organised by our friends at SABOTAGE BKG, we'll be playing alongside RED FANG, CELESTE, our friends from HELL-O-TIKI and others.

Finally, on April 21, we'll be heading for Praha (CZ) at CAFÉ NA PŮL CESTY for a show with Canadian songwriter Rob Moir and The Traders (from France!).

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