Those of you who care may have noticed that there aren't many shows to come or many news on the SLIVER front. Well, here is what's happening when nothing seems to be happening...

We are actually working on a new album. Currently we're rehearsing, writing and composing and we'll start recording at the end of the year. We are willing to take our time with what is actually going to be our second proper album! No title yet but here's a list of the songs we are working on right now:

- the invisible committee
- the curtains are drawn
- the future
- dead president$
- generation A
- bring down the casino
- small is beautiful (interlude)
- sleepwalkers inc.
- polaris
- we shall live
- the partisan
They may or may not all end up on the album, but we'll record them all and see how it goes from there. We'll be working with Charles Stoltz who already recorded and mixed generation A and Ben's acoustic recordings cities on fire. We hope to finish the album by March or April 2012, but then again, we'll be taking our time so it may be released later than that. 
So don't you worry, SLIVER are not dead (I guess this band will stop the day I die). Even if there aren't many news coming your way right now, SLIVER are alive and kicking! 

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