CITIES ON FIRE - acoustic recordings

Ben just posted a new album in the music section (at the bottom of the page). It's called cities on fire and it was recorded last autumn at Holtz Sound studio in Tuntange, LU.   
It's an acoustic album that Ben recorded alone (vocals, guitars, piano, megaphone) and it contains new songs that we already play live full band (the future ; dead presidents ; Jesus' son), acoustic versions of previous material (the invisible committee ; memento mori) and new songs that we might play full band one day (generation A ; Sister Resist).

The album is also available on bandcamp. You can only listen to the album for the moment (there is no physical version of the CD and no possibility to download it anywhere) but if you really want to download it, send an e-mail / a comment, I'm sure Ben will think of something...

And if you really like unplugged songs, there are also videos of Ben playing acoustic songs in the video section. 

The lyrics of the songs are in the lyrics section.

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